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2 Stage Variable Speed 80% Gas Furnace $6362 Installed

Overview for Goodman GMVC800803BN
Goodman's GMVC80 furnaces feature high-quality construction and efficient operation at a great value. The GMVC80 is equipped with an advanced variable-speed blower motor, which scales circulation to the specific demands of your application in real-time. The GMVC80 was designed with multiple options for the unit's gas, electric, and venting connections and orientation, ensuring a painless and quick installation. It even features a self-diagnosing control board that makes maintenance a breeze. If you're looking for consistent comfort and incredible efficiency from a two-stage furnace, it's tough to beat Goodman's GMVC80.

· Advanced Heat Exchanger Design
· The GCVC80 furnace employs a reliable heavy-duty tubular heat exchanger design. Aluminized steel is used for incredibly efficient heat transfer, and a wrinkle-bend is applied to the tubes to enhance the heat exchanger's dependability and longevity.
· Variable Speed ECM Motor
· The GMVC80 features an efficient and quiet variable speed motor that ramps up or down according to the heating or cooling demand, providing accurate temperature control and keeping money spent on utility bills in your pocket.
· Quiet Comfort
· The blower and gas valve of the GMVC80 were selected for their incredibly low sound levels. Additionally, this unit offers an airflow system and fan speed options that allow it to operate quietly while providing consistent comfort.
· Secure Cabinet
· All GMVC80 furnaces are protected by a durable steel cabinet rated for less than 2% air leakage. The heat exchanger section is insulated to prevent heat loss and the return side of the cabinet is solid and airtight.


Specials are subject to change due to certain install factors and availability.